The Hum - Worldwide Phenomenon Inspires Sci Fi Horror

  Depending what websites you visit and how deep you manage to get yourself on the Internet you may or may not have come across a small ...

 Depending what websites you visit and how deep you manage to get yourself on the Internet you may or may not have come across a small corner of the web that dedicates its self to searching and potentially discovering the root of a worldwide phenomenon known as “The Hum” 

The origins of this unknown, deep, horn like rumbling that has been captured the whole world over has finally been answered in Thotwises’ Sci-Fi Horror game, aptly named, The Hum. Surfacing on Steam Greenlight around May time it wasn’t too long until it go the thumbs up from the steam community, with that also came this rather cool and unnerving trailer as to what exactly we will be expecting to see. Although it doesn’t portray exactly what we will be doing as such It gives you the impression that it will involve a hell of a ’lot of hiding and stealth like movement evading potential capture from the rather scrawny alien beings that stalk the ruined streets. 

After a sudden Alien invasion the world as you know it has been turned upside down and in to a complete post-apocalyptic state. Hiding in a barn for several months, surviving, you decide to emerge. Taken from the Steam page, we read “But, something strange starts to happen. Every day, every night, you wake up with new memories, new abilities, new paranoia’s. You ask yourself "what is happening here?" Gameplay includes typical stealth mechanics, inventory and first person movement, but you will be suffer constant abductions that will alter your sense of reality and will break down your deepest beliefs. “

It’s said that the game is also being developed to with alongside the Oculus Rift. In an Indie world plagued with survival horros like Amnesia, Outlast, Slender and Huntsman, it is really refreshing to see something Alien like being given an opportunity. The trailer looks unnerving and the concept Images are thoroughly impressive. Replicating the War of the Worlds looks almost a little too much but In honesty, I found those tripod like machines absolutely terrifying.

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