I don't think I have ever been convinced over a game that I, at first, held no interest in what so ever. But you can't not be  ...

I don't think I have ever been convinced over a game that I, at first, held no interest in what so ever. But you can't not be 
Intrigued in to how Bungie are handling their fanbase when it comes to Destiny. What sold me off first was the fact that the Destiny franchise is going to span over an entire decade, that alone is just absolutely nuts. There is so much to look forward to already let alone what news you are about to read below.

A letter was received recently by Gamestop managers regarding some rather exciting news to do with Destiny’s imminent BETA release.

“Destiny’s BETA is even bigger and better than the alpha, featuring 4 story chapters, 4 cooperative multiplayer maps and a huge world to explore with your own unique guardian. Now according to Bungie the BETA release is going to be treated like a full product launch meaning us gamers will have a huge helping of what the Destiny universe will have to offer us. So it goes without saying that what has been revealed to be included in this BETA will surely be the majority of the Destiny universe.

We can also expect a fairly heavy hard drive requirement when the BETA drops from both PS$ and Xbox One. Xbox One has been confirmed as to requiring 12.63GB of space where as the PS4 requires 14.3GB, so I imagine there won’t be no hang ups what so ever when exploring Destiny’s folklore and universe has to offer. PS3 and Xbox360 are still yet to be confirmed.

Within the Destiny BETA you can look forward to character creation, story missions, cooperative & social activities, and competitive multiplayer to name just a few pieces of content. You can reserve yourself a spot on the BETA by pre-ordering a copy of the game from most high street retailers, once you have done you will receive a BETA code within an email or receipt that you then need to register on the Bungie website to redeem your code. You will also need to choose your platform and region in the process (http://www.bungie.net/en/User/codered...)

On July 17th 10am PT and 5pm GMT the BETA will kick off on the PS3 and PS4
On July 21st & 22nd the Destiny servers will shut down for maintenance
On July 23rd 10am PT and 5pm GMT the BETA will also kick off on the Xbox360 & XboxOne
Destiny BETA will CLOSE on July 27th

That’s Playstation owners being granted 8 days access to the BETA and Xbox owners just 4 days. Also if you play the BETA on  Saturday July 26th you will earn an exclusive emblem, possibly a little “thing” that will represent to other players that you took part in the BETA. Allegedly Bungie are also going to offer players some unannounced fun and surprises during the BETA. It’s so incredibly refreshing to hear of a company that is doing so much for its consumer, it is often unheard of these days.

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