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This is it, the last decision I have to make and in true Telltale style I have 30 seconds to choose it! This isn't the hardest de...

This is it, the last decision I have to make and in true Telltale style I have 30 seconds to choose it! This isn't the hardest decision i've had to make but the connotations behind this decision are sprinting through my head,  with around 5 seconds left I make my choice which is immediately followed by the credits…. I have just had my mind blown by the Wolf Among Us!

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic adventure based on the Fables comic book series. Now I have never read a Fables book or even heard of it before this game so the concept had me hooked straight away.
In a nutshell the Fables are fairy tale characters that left "the homelands" to escape adversary and set up a new enclave known as Fabletown. You play as Bigby Wolf (the Big Bad Wolf) who is the sheriff of Fabletown, and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing the laws.

The thing I love about the Fables and this game is that being a child that has grown up reading these books and knowing the nursery rhymes it feels like you already know these characters and their back stories, whenever a new character is introduced your first thought is "I wonder which fairy tale character you are" and if it turns out you don’t remember you can view their lore in the book of fables which is included in the game.

Whilst this is based around fairytales do not let that fool you, this is not a game with sunshine, kisses and random sing songs this is a grimy, violent, thriller which will have you making brutal mortal choices involving life or death. For example at one point you have 30 seconds to choose if you let twiddle dumb live or rip his throat out in front of his brother…Each location also has its own lore back to the fairy tales for example Georgie Porgie owns a strip club called the Pudding and Pie which is a little bit awkward to play on the train as you have a topless woman dancing in front of you….. Thanks Telltale that woman on the train hasn't looked me in the eye since….

The game is 5 episodes long, all of which are now available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and IOS. Like the classic walking dead season 1 the end of each episode leaves you wanting more! The first 3 episodes were action packed with twists and turns at each corner. The 4th episode was a bit slower and didn’t really do much to bring on the characters but at the same time lead you to the phenomenal final episode which is a balls out violent blood fest and brings the whole story together.

I would highly recommend this game, Each fight scene is brutal and left me with my heart pounding and a sense of take that you B*stard, the story is brilliant and fully immerses you into the role of Bigby making you think about every interaction you have with the other characters. The voice acting is amazing Adam Harrington who voices Bigby has got the voice spot on, from the long speeches to the simple "F**k you" *Punch* each one is well executed and on the ball for the character. There are also small cameos from the Walking Dead season 1 voice actors but I'll leave you to work out who plays who.

So I am now left with two thoughts, 1 - Will there be a second season? (I f**king hope so) 2 - where can I get the Fable comics….

To end on a quote from the game "You will remember this"

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