7 Days To Die? 7 Things To Stab In My Eye

I don't care that it is early access and I also do not care whether it's right or wrong to cast an opinion on a product that Isn&...

I don't care that it is early access and I also do not care whether it's right or wrong to cast an opinion on a product that Isn't finished. If it's in the public domain, it is up for criticism. Some fantastic games were created back in the day that didn't need a consumers comment a quarter way through the production to make it any better, that's what sequels are for! The impression I am constantly getting from most early access games is a bunch of small time  "developers" creating a game in their small time rented office, conjuring a fairly good concept for a new game but failing to deliver any end product what so ever on all fronts, from content quality to customer care. I find the Interaction between corporate and consumer more common than I do small Indie development teams. It should absolutely be the opposite way round. We had a recent Interview with Indie Developers Unicube who had a kick starter their Post-Apocalyptic RPG strategy game, Sheltered. I done my research and found that their Interaction towards consumers, even before their game has been released was incredible, even considering between making their game they also have full time jobs...and there is only two of them. I don't understand how these other Independent teams Imply they have a very resourceful team behind their game yet absolutely naff all customer care? The games aren't at all anything impressive, 80% of them that is. Textures are tacky, generic and duplicated as far as your video card can see, mechanics aren't working, the game is just plain ugly as a whole...so what are they doing exactly? I had a run in with Hammerpoint Interactive for the very same reason I am writing this, a terrible experience with a poor product. Early access or not, it's there in the public domain therefore open to criticism!

I had the misfortune In caving in and buying 7 Days To Die as an early access investment. Although, In my review video, I wasn't openly giving it much criticism; only until the last few minutes. But the game has been in development since August 2013, back then with a team of 5 people. The kick starter was created over a YEAR ago which raised $500,000. That's $300,000 more than their projected estimate and what you see in my video is half a million dollars worth of work...
If anyone can explain to me how this progression is justified with a team of now 11 developers then please do. The game looks and feels awful, utterly awful and is awful to play I can't think of another word to sum it up fairly. It's tacky as hell and just looks so part-time and amateurish that I truly can't understand how half a million dollars has been spent on creating this product. Just take a look at the presentation video that is on their kickstarter, it looks exactly the same as the game I experienced 5 minutes ago and If anything looks more advanced than what I am being given the opportunity to play through Steam.

A very well crafted Steam review of the product can be found HERE.
Containing evidence of  DMC abuse from the development team "The Fun Pimps"

Do your self a huge favour and avoid this game at all costs. Your £20 can be spent on a product more deserving else where.


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