Through the midst of E3 we were lucky enough for Gamespot to snag two of the Dead Island 2 team for a few questions on breaking down their n...

Through the midst of E3 we were lucky enough for Gamespot to snag two of the Dead Island 2 team for a few questions on breaking down their new title, what its about, where they are going and just what exactly they're allowed to spill from their can of beans

Yager Producer, Michael James and Bernd Diemer, Game Director sat down at E3 and spoke to Gamespot. Michael James starts off by promising a change in tone to which the trailer truly examples, with the hot shot, cliché looking Californian male as he checks his hair, teeth and biceps? Just before a morning jog along Venice beach not forgetting to tap his Living the Dream tattoo.
"Everything has to set the tone from the start" say's game director Bernd Diemer, "trailer, setting, characters, everything, that’s why we wanted to go with something a little more fun"
They chose the setting for Venice beach as they say it's the picturesque postcard of California. The infection has spread from Banoi and although not an Island, California has been completely separated from the main land, essentially making an Island out of Venice.

The choice also surrounds the fact that the RPG element is incredibly Important to the Dead Island franchise and the setting it’s self brings so much more variety when it comes to weapons, cars and characters. Both Michael and Bernd expressed that although working on past titles along the lines of Spec Ops: The Line, it brings along their experience and desire to keep consistency to the game. Expressing that meetings were held and staff thought long and hard to detail on what classes of characters would be correct, genders and as well as ethnic diversity when it came to zombies; “That discussion became very heated” laughed Bernd as Michael also explained that designers had grown tired of the sand of Banoi

An open forum by Gamespot introduced fans to ask questions to the team. One of which was, “How will new people become adjusted to the game? Will they need to have played the previous titles?”

Bernd and Michael responded by saying that the game would consist within the same universe but at the same time being a non-narrative sequel, new heroes and a brand new story. Also they explained that they took time revisiting the previous titles to reference content from the past to possibly include in the new title.
Another interesting question was that as to whether there will be a vehicle customization element to the game to which the both responded with a smile and a rather cryptic yes/no/maybe answer that the consumer will be able to find out at the next PAX event. On the vehicle topic they did in fact touch on the element of having a wealth of American car heritage to dive in to, that each class will specialize in a certain kind of American vehicle and that the cars will be expanding into the RPG format. The control of your character was also touched on lightly by saying that they will solely be using the trigger system as they felt the past analog approach to wielding techniques proved too much work for the user.

Last but not least the class system was mentioned along with the 4 character styles that are being introduced in this new chapter of Dead Island. And I quote…

“Speedy lady, nimble specializing in bladed weapons”
“Huntress, long range specialist who is handy with cross bows and fire arms”
“Berserker is your tank, a sledge hammer wielding fireman”
“The Bishop who is your healing and AOD specialist“

Making sure a clear role is there for everybody to choose from as well as a different experience each time when interacting with zombies.

Release Spring 2015

PC 3254155623343354222

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