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I miss the days of going round a mates house to play street fighter 2 on SNES and having his mom make us dinner and bring it to us while we ...

I miss the days of going round a mates house to play street fighter 2 on SNES and having his mom make us dinner and bring it to us while we played :( plus also most games I "play" now I spend more time having the control whipped from me at any random time to be forced to watch a cinematic!

I love cinematic's, have done since SEGA CD, lol that's a joke, but I have now fallen away from the new consoles as I spend more time watching than playing! I might as well watch the Godfather while playing TETRIS as I would get more of a gaming experience than most AAA games these days.

I think it was Gears of War 2 that broke me. I was enjoying a good old fashioned rail shooting killing the fuck out of everything that was not vaguely human and the cut scene cinematic kicked in before I had cleared the level of enemies? It seemed wrong! 
The first gears of war I had to clear the level in standard Splatterhouse etc style and then get the cut scene, so what is the game telling me? "Oh well fuck you, you're too slow I wanna tell my story you slow ass cock!" Is that what the games are suggesting?

I 100% agree beyond anything that the new gen are falling into the old trappings of the CDI, 3DO, SEGA CD and other failed shit by trying to give us everything we could need but nothing we actually want, as all we want is a games system!

Problem is when the Wii comes out and grabs all the fat soccer moms who wanna use the fit board to shed some lbs and all that brain training, Nintendo opened up a whole new gaming demographic which the console market is still aiming for but has missed the point that these fad gamers are now either not interested, as it was a fad, or now playing addictive puzzle games etc on their phones and tablets. 

It's no shock really that Angry Birds, Pet Rescue blah blah blah are so popular, it's the same as what made the Game Boy the must have! 
Back in the day, bang TETRIS was the crystal meth of every commuters train journey to work! Now they can get that same high from their multi functional device!

I know PS2 smashed Dreamcast, and maybe that's the problem. 
Since PS2 took down the greatest SEGA console ever, too much folk law has focused upon the fact it was the DVD drive that helped this happen. Maybe because of this semi truth every new console thinks to succeed it needs to be a gaming platform, a dish washer, tumble dryer and blue/red/green lantern compatible player! 
Fact was the PS2 won because SEGA had blown it's credibility with CD/ 32X and poorly executed Saturn, the DVD was a cherry on top not the golden ticket, as PS1 had delivered killer apps!

Now with no one company delivering anything in the software department that is truly ground breaking, I mean the biggest game next month is basically a movie that you get to fart about in and probably will not be as interactive as the trailer makes out, see Fable for that marketing spin.
Most people I know are either going back to the past or taking gaming onto mobile devices or going on PC. This is not the death of consoles and not a 1983 crash but this next gen is going to have to evolve fast as they are moving in the wrong direction and either relying on the same tired shit but with HD graphics, motion controls, which was a fad for 5 minutes in 2006/7, and over written games that just make you want to watch a real movie.

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