The Evil Within - Playing 10 Minutes Of Chapter 9

  I was told, before I even picked up the controller, to prepare myself straight away. “Push down on the stick and set your weapons; Y...


I was told, before I even picked up the controller, to prepare myself straight away. “Push down on the stick and set your weapons; Your about to be dropped into chapter 9 and anything could happen, oh and watch for the ghost, Ruvik, one touch and your dead. Enjoy”.

The game opened up to a dream like sequence, I am walking through a misty forest in slow motion. The details on the trees and the surrounding environment are excellent and well crafted. As the mist clears the area opens up to show the big iron gates of the “Asylum”. 

Gates to the 'Asylum'

After opening the rusty gates I enter the courtyard.  Some crows are picking at who knows what and the place looks dilapidated. As I entered the Asylum I am welcomed into a lobby decorated with old art work, a large grim looking staircase runs from left to right and a central door in which some poor soul is getting waled through by a man in a white lab coat.

The Lobby

 The door closes behind me and I’m alone in the dark. I checked the big central door, locked, I head up the stairs, down the corridor and into what looks to be a den. After a search I come across a small lottery like ball etched with the number 9. I continue down the corridor to a locked door. I find myself needing to backtrack to a door I missed at the top of the stairs which leads me into a library. Eerie music slowly creeps in and I hear a small grumbling noise, but a quick glance around the room reveals nothing. A small box flashes behind a big wooden desk that is overloaded with books and a typewriter. I approach the desk and realise the small box is a trap rigged with explosives. Without thinking I pull the trigger on my shotgun causing a small detonation. Everything goes white and a high pitched noise fills the room. The ghost Ruvik lurches out of the bookshelves in front of me, I turn and run for the door. 

Ruvik - One touch and your gone
The noise fades away and I return to the dark, grimy corridor. I swing, catch my breath, and return to the library. Picking up some shotgun ammo I exit into another corridor. Two zombie like figures are chewing remains, I fire, knocking them down, just to be sure I double tap, taking their heads off. I start checking rooms down the corridor. Off the first bedroom I find an attached door that leads into an adjacent bedroom, nothing. As I exit I hear a small beep and my body is thrown across the room. I shook it off and took off back down the corridor. At the end I entered a small thin room with doors at each end. Approaching the right hand door I heard a loud bang behind me, something wrapped around my leg and pulled me to the left. The doors swung open to reveal two rotating blades that drag me to my death.

The death of me
That’s where my game ends. I left feeling very excited. The game is reminiscent of resident evil and project zero (fatal frames). It had a strong feeling of isolation but in the back of my mind I know something was there ready to jump out at me. Just to add a little extra strain on my beating chest I had to exit the play area through a horror maze.
The Evil Within is released on October 14th by Bethesda Softworks. Its available on PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox One and PC. If the demo is anything to go by it’s going to be amazing. So make sure to get your pre-orders in


Director: @Shinji_Mikami_E
Thanks: www.ebexpo.com.au

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