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So, I thought I’d be fair and revisit DayZ once again. With the announcement in February of DayZ’s main guy Dean Hall stepping down fro...

So, I thought I’d be fair and revisit DayZ once again. With the announcement in February of DayZ’s main guy Dean Hall stepping down from his position at the end of 2014, you would think the DayZ camp would have maybe hit a few bumps in the road. But In my opinion Bohemia Interactive have had the time, exposure and the money to better what state their early access alpha of DayZ was respectively in…who am I kidding it’s still shit.

Considering the game had been released as a MOD for Arma 2’s expansion pack Arma2: Operation Arrowhead, in January 2012 and has been such a huge title amongst PC zombie game fans it still comes across, to me, as a poorly prepared picnic where someone focused more on the basket and blanket than they did the actual food you would be eating. Don’t get me wrong the time Bohemia Interactive put in to making DayZ look like the real life Chernarus (http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/post/50421997981/on-thursday-the-10th-may-several-of-us-went-on-a) is unquestionably amazing and applaudable, but It still feels like such simple things are going amiss that affects a consumers opinion towards a game at a hands on level, more so than the art should. If the games mechanics are almost perfect in an alpha or “broken” product as I like to refer to them as surely you would naturally accept that although, for arguments sake, a tree in front of you currently looks like a 12 year old has made a feeble attempt at foliage through photoshop;  you can be assured that a few months down the line it will look so realistic that it could poke you in the eye? But instead you struggle to keep a door between you and zombie or a zombie on a solid object, this really should not be happening as ‘well passing through a gap in a fence seems to be only achieved while crawling on the floor

One thing that I do notice is that the sounds used when hitting solid objects, zombies or enemies now come across as fairly realistic whereas before hitting a zombie with an axe produced some odd noise like a bullet ricocheting off a wall, why they chose this I’ll never know. As ‘well  I could go on and on about how difficult it is to make friends with complete strangers in DayZ but that just comes with the MMO, open world, survival, genre of games. The world is full of dicks, on the internet and in real life and if you can’t deal with that within a game then don’t play it. But wait…an extraordinary thing happened while I was running round somewhere in Chernarus  I FOUND FRIENDS!

In a parallel universe I managed to stumble across two guys armed to the absolute balls who were quite possibly the most welcoming online gamers I had ever come across, taking out all the zombies around as well as a couple of…potentially hostile characters

And in a day and age where almost every 12 year old Call Of Duty player has somehow slept with your mum on numerous occasions, to be given a weapon and ammunition in a game like Day Z is pretty damn refreshing. I told the two fellas I was working on a video and where they could find it, so if they’re watching I just want to personally thank them for swinging my opinion of the DayZ community

[VIDEO] http://youtu.be/Wb-as4rU2h4

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