Space Hulk was released in 1989 by Games Workshop and exists within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The game went on to win "Best Fa...

Space Hulk was released in 1989 by Games Workshop and exists within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The game went on to win "Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board Game 1989" from the Origin Awards.

It was a great two player board game that forced players to turn from friend to foe as each adopted the side of either the Space Marines or the alien Genestealers.
This was a pretty big deal when launched and I remember the heavy TV marketing campaign behind it.
It was also one of those entry level RPG's that was a step up from what most of us were playing at the time. I remember not getting this and instead opting for Key to the Kingdom, however I knew plenty of people who owned Space Hulk.

The game boasted an unconventional board, since this was not just a fold out surface such as with DragonStrike. 
Space Hulk's board was made up of separate mini boards which interlocked; these individual sections represented various areas of space ship interior such as corridors and various rooms. 
This dynamic design allowed players the freedom to generate various combinations for different scenarios and White Dwarf was able to print updated missions featuring new board combinations to keep players going.
This style of board has been adopted by the very popular Zombies!!! series of games.

The games success meant that in 1990 Games Workshop released an actual expansion pack for the game.
The players got new board segments, new rules etc.
This game introduced The Dark Angels Chapter first company, which is comprised of "Terminator" class Marines.
This hardcore company of Marines and the expansion pack were called Deathwing!

So now in 2015 Streum On Studios will bring the Deathwing company blazing on to the next gen of consoles.
Space Hulk: Deathwing, an FPS running on Unreal Engine 4, will take gamers on a shooting frenzy across vast hulks.
A space hulk is not anything to do with the fact that the Space Marines look the size of "The Hulk" in their power armour, it relates to a large cluster of wrecked ships trapped in the warp.

This new trailer shows off some intense graphics and does make me interested in playing this game.
Playing as a Marine Librarian the game features a combat points accumulator allowing the gamer to unlock new weapons, relics and increase their skill. 
There are a lot of AAA FPS titles on their way to all systems over the next 12 months so this game will have some stiff competition and hopefully will not just rely on its iconic brand name and well known cannon to shift units, and instead bring some innovation to the genre. 


-Steve Rewind


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