Copyright Claim by Hammerpoint Interactive - Infestation: Survivor Stories

Firstly i just want to introduce my self. My name is Dean and i am an avid computer gamer. In my spare time i like to create videos of c...

Firstly i just want to introduce my self.

My name is Dean and i am an avid computer gamer. In my spare time i like to create videos of computer games i play and, as'well, talk about them on the Podcast we created, to which my friends and my self apply named Game Over Man. We don't have a dedicated audience of any sort, we just enjoy the idea of meeting up, discussing our opinions and excitements within the gaming world, record these discussions and then upload them to iTunes and release them on to the internet to who ever happens to stumble across them, free of charge of course.

On the 15th of November 2013 I had a handful of spare time to my self and decided to take a comedic approach to one of my videos and thus created this

Infestation by gameovermanpodcast

I proceeded to post the video on the Steam discussion boards (original post) and within 24 hours the video had received 60+ hits. Now that isn't anywhere near impressive in YouTube language but for us (Game Over Man) that was the most popular video on our channel. As well as YouTube hits the discussion board was buzzing with compliments

Amongst the compliments to my video there were also heated conversation between users on how they believe the game has/hasn't progressed and patch notes that users believe have or haven't come in to affect. If interested please see HERE for the original post. Also if at any point the thread is deleted ill upload all the up-to date screen captures.

I responded to these compliments with my own comments expressing how I meant no harm towards Hammerpoint Interactive's product and hoped the game all the best. 

But then came the whole point behind this blog post....

Our YouTube account had gained a strike through a Copyright Claim by Hammerpoint Interactive
and to this date am yet to receive an email from YouTube even identifying the fact that our video had been removed due to these claims.

In due time, the next day infact, i took to the discussion boards again asking the community on their opinions and knowledge of this alleged breach of "Copyright" towards Hammerpoint Interactive through our video and whether or not my right to dispute this claim does infact have any legs to stand on at all? To see my discussion board post please follow the link HERE  or for a quick read on what i wrote please see below...

"Yesterday i posted a small tongue in cheek video i made of Infestation: Survivor Stories.

Expressing a handful of glitches, bugs and frustrating elements of the game, with a comedic approach.

It has been removed from my YouTube channel under a copyright claim by Hammerpoint Interactive them selves. 
I'm needing some help in understanding the term "Copyright Claim" as searching the Internet, as a whole, let alone YouTube, results in pretty much thousands upon thousands of Infestation: Survivior Stories videos. Some are your obvious Lets Play type videos where as there are also videos that slam the game, point out why it "sucks" how its a mirror of Day Z etc etc etc
And let's all be clear; The War Z wasn't too far away from controversy neither is Infestation: Survivor Stories. 

This is all down to opinion, after all if your consumers aren't critics how do you know whether you're doing things for better or worse and what crowd your leaning towards pleasing! 

Anyway although The War Z never lived up to what it's promises were in it's early alpha stages, in my opinion neither does Infestation: Survivor Stories BUT i rooted for this game from day 1 and was there amongst the hordes of early alpha package buyers, hell i even bought a Pioneer Package and gave it away on my podcast and yet I am still here...like a girlfriend that keeps cheating on me yet surprising me with saucy new underwear, i keep coming back.

So if i can get the community's opinion on my video and whether or not Copyright Infringement has come in to affect on the material i have created using Hammerpoint Interactives Infestation: Survivor Storis, it would be greatly appreciated. And if possible, with your permission, compile this information together in a statement that i may create if i do feel i am being wrongly accused with Copyright Claims.

Thankyou and enjoy...

http://vimeo.com/79557336 "

With this thread and my first initial post in mind i was instantly having responses from people telling me to look up a rather uncanny ordeal involving YouTube user TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit and Day One, Garys Incident creators Wild Games Studios on an, at first, successful YouTube censorship attempt by Wild Games Studios on TotalBiscuit's now, infamous, video review. Because of a bad review by the clearly very popular YouTube account and the ordeal that entailed following the censorship attempt (Video of incident HERE) it forced an apology by the games creators for basically attempting to have the video pulled down subject to a poor review by TotalBiscuit.

Now in no way am i comparing this incident i am having right now to the one that i have just explained but more so am I because, in the closed off areas of the Steam Discussion Boards, it feels like my video that has clearly impressed a few of the board users and opened their seemingly dormant feelings towards Infestation: Survivior Stories development and progression but at the same time, in a fairly short space of time, found it's way to the top boys at Hammerpoint Interactive to which they have clearly seen it as a threat inside this tiny corner of the internet that is the Steam Discussion Boards and thus taken advantage of their YouTube account authority's and pulled my video for an alleged Copyright Claim.

If you were to search The War Z on Google (as seen below) you will find the top 3 initial results. Out of the 3 only one stands as a fairly positive review where as the other two are obviously, clear to see, rather negative (One being TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit) see link for video

If you then search "Infestation: Survivor Stories" you are met mainly with user made material in the vein of "Lets Play" and just general fans playing the game with friends or creating guides to help new users. Title change or not, Hammerpoint Interactive are still linked with The War Z.
So why not pull these videos for copyright claims? Is it because in the early alpha stages when it was named The War Z there was a genuine restriction to recording gameplay and uploading online to which Hammerpoint Interactive, when i imagine they felt comfortable with their product, gave the green light to the consumer to record and upload and publicly criticise; be it for better or worse? Meaning all these bad reviews and criticism be it in video, magazine or blog form now seem obsolete because of a name change? Or is it because they were receiving waves and waves of low score marks and negative reviews that they just pretty much brushed them off? The opening tab of the game on Steam displays nothing but negativity for them!!!

So, why little ol us at Game Over Man?
With a YouTube account of 11 subscribers and a twitter following of 100+ why does a tiny piece of creativity, that meant no harm at all, was tongue in cheek, made people laugh and express their feelings in positive ways in hopes to highlight what is still wrong with a game after so long that users are still rooting for (my self being one of them) and despite open criticism from the Internet still stand by it to this day...why?

The community response has been along the lines of this which has lead me to taking the time to write this article

TotalyBiscuit, The Cycnical Brit said this in his response video HERE

"I've gotta be honest, i am fortunate, my channel is large as is my following. I am backed by a great network with a'lot of resources...i can get my voice heard...but what about the smaller channels that can't? As we saw in the Sega incident those channels have no protection! and when someone decides to stamp on their proverbial face to silence them they have nobody to turn to" 

He's correct...and as it stands i am waiting for a response from YouTube on our dispute claim towards our channel strike in hopes that this, David vs Goliath incident on a small scale gets resolved in the correct way.
We may be a minuscule channel to which NOBODY has quite possibly never heard of but as TotalyBiscuit, The Cynical Brit said:

"...i can get my voice heard...but what about the smaller channels that can't?"

We are infact THAT smaller channel...

As this ordeal continues i shall update this blog.

Thankyou for reading


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  1. Have you tried tweeting this to TB to see if can help it gain some traction. I know he gets fed up sometimes with everyone going to him for help, but DMCA abuse, especially from the frauds at Hammerpoint, would be right up his street.

    1. He already mentioned it, but all sources and video-sources he linked are broken now.

  2. Good ol' RPG Minx has already posted this to TB on twitter, it's how I found this article in fact. This should definitely gain more traction as the pair of them already have a large following. Hopefully Hammerpoint get their due, good luck!

  3. TB sent me here and I just wanna wish you guys luck, Hammerpoint will do it again and again. I'm wondering if sending this to something like the EFF (as they've looked at false takedowns before) would get anywhere?

  4. Just saw TB's content patch on the subject, hope you can get this sorted out quickly!

  5. There is no reason they should have taken it down, you said more or less nothing about their game <.<
    Talking about them taking this down cause you make them look bad, not the false reason they gave. Guess they are just taking out aggression on you and they should hang for abusing their power youtube game them for that.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u47v1RVBC4 Totalbiscuit has heard your voice :)

  7. Funny vid dude, hope it wil get solved soon- to your satisfaction of course. Wish you luck and more courage.

  8. TB made your Voice heard. He talked about this blogpost and the Strike in the newest Episode of Content Patch. Nice Vid.

  9. Vimeo link has been taken down as well. :(

    This is bullshit.

  10. yep it's down as soon as i go to watch it after having it bookmarked all day waiting for internet to reset :c

  11. 2nd Video is down? Indeed some large bullshit. I want to watch it ;)

  12. IMHO keep rehosting the video on as many places as possible

  13. Good luck in your struggle with Hammerpoint Interactive! You are in the right about your (awesome and hilarious) video and you will probably be seeing a lot more exposure now than you would have if this video had not been blocked by them. Good luck to your channel and keep making awesome videos :D

  14. Yeah, TB's "Content Patch" video will also help putting this matter on sight of the gaming community. Unfortunately, garbage companies do exist, and some will suffer for a time in order to the community react in time to give them a lesson. Don't worry, you're within your rights, and those muddy moves from Hammerpoint will only taint even more their reputation.

  15. TB brought me here. Good luck to you in your fight against Hammerpoint. This type of abuse needs to be addressed.

  16. TB sent me. Fight the good fight, brother. Amazing video!

  17. Dispute the claim, they have no ground to stand on if you do. As always, there are people that abuse the automatic takedown / contentID system until someone says "no, you actually can't do that."

  18. Watched the video, it was great! xD

  19. o/ Oiii you there!
    Poke me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/gisp And ill give you review code of NS2

  20. great video! =) good luck solving this issue - you are in the right and they aren't!!!

  21. Its bullshit, appeal against the strike. I would.

    1. We have done and are awaiting YouTube's response. Next week we're expecting something

  22. HP could never live up to dean and his DayZ. They make a crap game and they expect good reviews.... hope all goes well in your appeal. TB sent me here!

  23. Please capitalise your 'i's. It's really ironic to see something so simple overlooked.

  24. Worst infestation player ever.
    10 hits on a zombie with hatchet, gg. Noob

  25. Why does Dailymotion present me a lot of boobs as related to your video? In fact all of the 6 videos coming up seem to contain brief nudity - while on page two there actually are some other gameplay videos from Infestation and a trailer for a horror movie with the same title. That is weird...
    Anyway: your video is good fun, I enjoyed it. And of course TB sent me here ;)

  26. TB sent me here. Hope you can get that strike removed. No Dev should be able to get away with this sort of nonsense.

  27. Saw the vid, don't know the game but Still understood the humor. That's called communication. ;1
    I a follower of the mighty mighty TB. I came to lend my ol creaky voice to the chimes in your favor. May they ring loud n clear.

  28. Copy right strikes is the one issue I worry about getting on my Youtube channel. I often send out emails to large gaming companies to ask permission to post videos with content of their games. Of the 22 companies I have sent emails to, I have only ever had one company respond to me. Which was a waste of time, because they asked me to contact some other department, which I did, and they then asked me to contact another department, so on etc.etc.

    I would love to set up a bridge of communication between gaming publishers or developers, so as to have something to fall back on, when or if I got a copy right strike. Like how Totalbiscuit was able to have his "Day one" Strike removed, by showing he was given permission to show the content.

    However, I feel like gaming publishers don't want to deal with you, unless you have X amount of views or subs. So it leaves the small youtubers open to bully boy tactics from publishers.

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